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Chronic back pain is one of the most common ailments and reasons for missed work in the United States. It is the second most common reason for visiting a doctor’s office, in spite of only 25% of those affected seeking medical care.

Exo Dynamics will, for the first time, be able to provide both Support and Mobility to customers through our shape-shifting back brace. We are positioned to win due to our “Motion Following” technology that enables the device to provide consistent support through a full range of motion, thus reducing muscle effort by transferring the weight of the torso to the waist/iliac crest, which is better suited to carry extra weight.


Exo Dynamics aims to reinvent back care as you know it. We are an innovative medical device company bringing a differentiated technology to a back-care market that has seen very little change over the last century. Our goal is to restore normal mobility to customers, allowing them to remain active, productive and independent. We have raised $200k+ in awards, grants, and F&F since 2012.


History & Awards:

Q1 2012:

Q2 & Q3 2012:

  • Developed the 2nd generation of our product including its industrial design.
  • We were granted an option agreement to use the provisional patent of our first device
  • Selected for TechArb 8 and NSF I-CORPS.

Q4 2012:

  • Selected for  TechArb 9.
  • Developed the 3rd generation of our product, including a new type of sensor.
  • Identified leasing partners and a list of in state doctors, hospital and O&P center.
  • Participated in the Chicago Entrepreneur Trip.

Q1 2013:

Q2 2013:

Q3 & Q4 2013:

  • Began developing the 4th generation of our product, a refinement of all previous work.
  • Showcased at Celebration Invention.
  • Awarded MIIE grant.

Q1 & Q2 2014:

  • Completed the 4th generation of our product, a refinement of all previous work.
  • Validated the 4th generation of our product, a refinement of all previous work.

Q3 2014:

  • Received Patent: US 8,845,566 B2
  • Began Design For Manufacturing.



We are creative geniuses (scientists), technical masters (engineers), businessmen and entrepreneurs. Our experience includes inventions in the healthcare/medical device space, robotics expertise, general management and operations excellence, sales expertise, and a track record in successful startups.


Dan JohnsonDan Johnson (Chief Technology Officer, Acting CEO), Mechanical Engineer with a Master’s in Science and PhD in Engineering.  Dr. Johnson’s doctoral thesis provides the IP for our product.  He is an avid inventor, biomedical researcher and mechatronic designer, a unique set of skills very difficult to find in a single person. He has extensive laboratory skills (biological and engineering) and helped in the founding of the UM Medical Innovation Center (MIC).

Sam Beckett (Senior Development Engineer), BS in Mechanical Engineering, Master’s in Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles Engineering from the University of Michigan. Since joining in December 2011, he has primarily worked on the design and fabrication of the mechanical components, and assisted with the electrical components.  His professional interests included Control Systems, Autonomous Robotics, and Human-Robotic Interfaces.

MushirhsMushir “Marshall” Khwaja (CCO; Corporate Planning), BA Economics and MBA from Michigan Ross.  He has customer service, sales, and marketing experience in financial services and healthcare.  He has cross-functional leadership experience and previous work experience at a Fortune 10 as well as startups.  He most recently worked as a consultant at SFC, a startup sized consulting firm where he wore multiple hats and led concurrent projects that drove a significant portion of the company’s revenue.  Since joining in September 2012, he has helped refine the business plan, financially model the customer financing strategy, and evaluate vendors on several criteria to partner for strategic growth.  He is also working on maintaining a consistent profile for the company across its presence on the internet.

Maren BeanMaren Bean (Director) MBA from Michigan Ross.  Since joining in January 2012, she has conducted surveys to measure interest in our technology, sized the market for interventionalist doctors, identified top interventionalist hospitals, and assisted in the development of the business plan and corresponding communication materials. Her communication skills have earned 1st place at EMU Skandalaris Business Competition, 2nd Place at the Michigan Business Competition and 3rd place at the GLEQ Emerging Company Competition.

Jorge Sanz-GuerreroJorge Sanz-Guerrero (Chief Operating Officer), Mechanical Engineer with a Master’s in Science and a Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering.  Jorge brings a broad set of technical skills (operations, product development, sales, and finance). Along with 6 years of Manufacturing Engineering experience, he worked as a Process Engineer for the home appliance company Electrolux where he designed its new assembly line and was leader at the “Kaizen Office” driving lean manufacturing/six-sigma continuous improvement programs in the department.

Working with us:

Interested in entrepreneurship and in the healthcare manufacturing industry?

EXO DYNAMICS LLC is looking for proactive, responsible people with skills in business development, mechatronic design or biomechanic assessment to join our team.

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