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Exo Dynamics is excited to announce we have been selected as a finalist in the ACE Challenge (Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship)!

Ten promising entrepreneurs have been chosen as ACE Challenge finalists from a broad range of applicants… With eight hundred attendees expected at ACE’15, the ACE Challenge guarantees the finalists a high visibility opportunity to present their companies to a large and significant audience.

Read more here: ACE Press Release

29 Oct 2014

21st Century Body

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Exo Dynamics was recently featured along with two other Ann Arbor area startups doing some great work.

[Johnson’s] dissertation centered around creating a back brace for the 21st Century that could help back pain suffers avoid surgery or recover from surgery or even help support medical professionals  performing intense procedures, such as hour long surgeries.

Catch up on what we’ve been up to, and read how our device was inspired by a childhood obsession with Iron Man!

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Exo Dynamics is happy to announce we have moved on to the semi-final round round of the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition!  See you all in November 🙂

“The Accelerate Michigan semi-finalists selected represent some of the most forward-thinking companies with true potential for success,” said President and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Michael Finney.

Read more here: Business Wire Press Release

Some press from earlier in the week 🙂

Crain’s Detroit Business


We made the Top 20 Ventures list in the GLEQ competition!  Wish us luck… we present tomorrow.

The Summer GLEQ Business Plan Competition Awards

Exo Dynamics has been selected as a “Best of the Midwest” growth company!  One of 32 companies selected to present at this year’s Michigan Growth Capital Symposium.

Read more here: Exo Dynamics – MGCS Press Release

I thought I’d take a moment to share the latest of what we’re working on in developing the ExMS-1. We’ve been quite busy in the lab over the past few months. As I described in my last post, we were working on two devices: an “interface mockup” and a “functional mockup”. Both have since been built, but this post focuses on the latter, which I consider the more interesting and (dare I say it) “awesome” one.

Our functional mockup (shown below in the picture) is a revised research platform that is going to be used to verify the efficacy of the core architecture of the ExMS-1 (in biomechanical terms: its ability to reduce the effort required of the postural muscles of the lower back in assuming and holding flexed postures of the trunk, primarily in the sagittal plane). While we kept many of the same core components of the very first prototype I created as a doctoral student, the efforts of our team have updated just about every one of them to be more effective. Mechanically, we still use the same type of actuators we had before, but we’ve increased the number and greatly reinforced their enclosures and primary structure of the device (thanks to our mechanical engineer, Sam Beckett), enhancing both the maximum support force and robustness of the unit. Electrically, we’ve managed to put just about everything we need on a single circuit board of our own design: the “Catalan” (named after our electrical engineer, Alejandro Catalan). Finally, our new sensor system takes advantage of amazingly-compact signal conditioning circuitry designed by one of our 2013 summer interns. All of this is commanded by updated control software created by Sam and myself.

Sam and I have been putting the final tweaks on the behavior of the mockup, and I’m going to be wearing it and getting some fresh test data in the coming days. Fingers crossed, but we’re hopeful that this new functional mockup will provide even better results than the original prototype. Check back for our results, and thanks for reading!


Interface Mockup Prototype

If you’re interested in working for us this summer, please look over the job spec attached directly below and send us your resume!  UM students only please.

EE Intern

Exo Dynamics is pleased to announce it was selected as a Top 100 Entry in the Create the Future 2013 Design Contest.  The selection was finalized last month, so we decided to share it with all of you here!

2013 Top 100 Entries:

Our specific entry:

Many of us sit at our desks for 6+ hours of the day.  The Washington Post recently published an article on the effects of a sedentary lifestyle… they’ve also given tips on “the right way to sit.”

The Right Way to Sit

For the full article, click the link below, or open the following .PDF file: Sitting

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