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Our general market is people with back pain.  $100 Billion are spent each year on identifiable costs associated with back pain, and productivity loss accounts for an additional $50 billion.  This market can be sliced into meaningful segments.

Our initial target customers are in the ergonomic aid segment: Interventionalists.  These doctors typically perform minimally-invasive procedures using sustained forward-leaning postures, all while wearing heavy protective gear.  As a consequence of these conditions, these physicians have among the highest incidence rates of back problems.

Case Study:

Jack is an interventionalist.  He has been working for 10 years in the cardiology department performing clinical procedures.  He likes doing balloon angioplasties, he hates returning home feeling beat; but this is a reality of his career: long hours spent stooping over patients, wearing a 12+ lb protective radiation vest and skirt.

In coping with his chronic back pain, Jack has tried everything available: clinical and over-the-counter spinal orthoses are “dumb” support devices that restrict his motion, cause distraction and impair his access to the operating space.  Ergonomic furniture is out of the question because of its size and sterilization requirements.  His only remaining options are pain killers and other services such as massage and physical therapy, but he knows they are only palliatives.

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