We are a medical device startup dedicated to creating the next generation of spinal orthotics, devices that provide both support and motion.

An Old Problem, A New Solution

Back pain remains one of the most common and costly ailments of modern society: in the United States alone, the annual toll amounts to over $50 billion in lost productivity and $100 billion in treatment costs. While many treatment options exist, medication and surgery are not appropriate for all. One of the oldest non-invasive forms of back support is the spinal brace (or orthosis). These corsets or belts rely on rigid materials to hold the torso in a beneficial posture or increase abdominal pressure, both of which restrict the mobility of the wearer and create discomfort. At Exo Dynamics, we have developed a new spinal brace technology that offers automatic, customizable back support without sacrificing mobility. Our goal is to reduce the symptoms of back pain, the likelihood of developing a serious spinal injury, the economic impact of missed work days, and (ultimately) healthcare treatment costs.

Meet ExMS-1, the Electromechanically-Activated Spinal Brace

Years of research and development of our patented technology have resulted in the design of our first product: the ExMS-1. This wearable device incorporates a unique “motion following” behavior, in which it can automatically change shape and move with its wearer into a wide variety of torso postures. As it moves, the ExMS-1 automatically applies an adjustable supportive force to the torso that reduces strain on the postural muscles of the lower back and compressive loading of the spine. When a desired posture is reached that the wearer wishes to hold for an extended period, such as when bent over a work surface, the device can be locked in place and fully support the torso. The ExMS-1 also incorporates removable padding segments and an open structure that allow for customizable fit and reduced heat and moisture trapping, as well as a lightweight internal battery pack that allows for a full workday of support. 

The ExMS-1 was initially developed for one group of working individuals who are dramatically affected by back pain: interventionalists. These highly-trained physicians endure awkward postures and cramped workspaces to perform many of the most common minimally-invasive procedures in medicine, such as balloon angioplasty. Over 40% of these individuals will report work-related back/neck pain, and 20% will have to miss work due to their conditions; some may even dramatically shorten their careers. The ExMS-1 offers a non-invasive way to provide ergonomic back support in the operating room without inhibiting mobility or consuming additional space. While the ExMS-1 was initially designed for the needs of interventionalists, we believe it can offer relief to any working professional who must endure similar workplace conditions, both within the medical field and beyond. 

Aside from creating the ExMS-1 for its initial beachhead market, Exo Dynamics is simultaneously developing its technology into therapeutic and rehabilitative devices (featuring enhanced robustness, range of motion, etc.) with assistance from several rounds of grant support.

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Bringing to Market the Next Generation of Spinal Orthotic Treatment

About Us

Support and Motion

Exo Dynamics was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan by a diverse team from the fields of medicine, engineering, and business. We have bootstrapped our way through initial prototyping and are now developing market-ready versions of our smart braces for customer testing. Future development will focus on enhancing our technology for both ergonomic and prescription-only therapeutic use (as Class I and Class II medical devices, respectively).

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