Case Study

Jack is an interventionalist. He has been working for 10 years in the cardiology department performing procedures and operations.  He likes doing balloon angioplasties, he hates returning home feeling beat; but this is a reality of his career: long hours stooping over patients, wearing a 12+ lb protective radiation vest and skirt.

In coping with his chronic back pain, Jack has tried everything available: clinical and over-the-counter spinal orthoses are “dumb” support devices that restrict his motion, cause distraction and impair his access to the operating space. Ergonomic furniture is out of the question because of its size and sterilization requirements. His only remaining options are pain killers and other services such as massage and physical therapy, but he knows they are only palliatives.

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Value Proposition - Customer’s Dilemma

Low-cost items such as painkillers and generic braces, allow for mobility but do not provide substantial support. High-cost items such as ergonomic furniture and prescription braces, offer proven support but restrict mobility.

Our new device fits into the “sweet spot” of this feature map, offering both mobility and support in a manner previously unattainable.

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