Company Details

Sector: Medical Device

Product: Electromechanically Activated Exoskeleton Back Brace

Intellectual Property: Exclusive Patented Technology (Architecture and Mode of Use)

Initial Customer Segments: Interventionalists (Beachhead), Surgeons, Dentists, Nurses

Future Customer Segments: Spinal fracture/rehabilitation patients for whom bracing is indicated

Fundraising to Date: $450,000+ from state/federal grants, competition prizes, friends & family.

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Our Team

Dan Johnson - Chief Executive Officer

Mushir Khwaja (CMO; Corporate Planning)

Maren Bean (Director)

Sam Beckett - Member

Working With Us

Interested in entrepreneurship and in the healthcare manufacturing industry?

Exo Dynamics is looking for proactive, responsible people with skills in business development, mechatronic design, or biomechanic assessment to join our team.

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An innovative medical device company bringing a differentiated, disruptive technology to a back-support market largely unchanged for the last century.

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