Summary & management

Sector: Medical Device

Product: Electromechanically Activated Exoskeleton Back Brace

Intellectual Property: 1 patent issued: US 8,845,566 B2

Patent covers: Entire architecture of brace

Prospective Customers:
UMHS, Healthcare/Michigan 
Toledo Cardiology Consultants, Healthcare/Ohio Current

$450,000+ (Competitions, Grants, Friends & Family)

Our Team

Dan Johnson - Chief Executive Officer

Mechanical Engineer with a Master’s in Science and PhD in Engineering. His PhD work is the basis of our product. He is an avid inventor, biomedical researcher and mechatronic designer. He possesses a unique set of skills very difficult to find in a single person. He started by working on the development of a clinical mannequin for simulation training of 1st year cardiology residents.

Mushir Khwaja (CMO; Corporate Planning)

Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Michigan-Ross MBA 2012. Since joining, he has helped with the financial modeling of the business plan, in particular the leasing and financing strategy to customers. He is also working on maintaining a consistent profile for the company across its presence on the internet. He is a self-motivated and team oriented professional who enjoys strategic thinking and translating ideas into results. He has prior cross-functional experience in several different industries, including healthcare.

Maren Bean (Director)

Michigan-Ross MBA 2013. Since joining, she has conducted surveys to measure interest in our technology, sized the market for interventionalist doctors, identified top interventionalist hospitals, and assisted in the development of the business plan and corresponding communication materials. Her communication skills have earned 1st place at EMU Skandalaris Business Competition, 2nd Place at the Michigan Business Competition and 3rd place at the GLEQ Emerging Company Competition.

Sam Beckett - Member

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Master's of Engineering in Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles at the University of Michigan. Since joining, he has primarily worked on the design and fabrication of the mechanical components, and assisted with the electrical components. His professional interests included Control Systems, Autonomous Robotics, and Human-Robotic Interfaces.

Working With Us

Interested in entrepreneurship and in the healthcare manufacturing industry?

Exo Dynamics is looking for proactive, responsible people with skills in business development, mechatronic design, or biomechanic assessment to join our team.

Please email your resume to: